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Zones of grape production

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Zoning of the DOQ Priorat: Village and Estate Wines

The DOCa. Priorat has been recognised as having the first “Vi de Finca” (prestigious category which roughly relates to a single vineyard wine) in the whole of Spain and is working hard to consolidate its “Vi de Vila” (Village Wines) category. This new category is taking a step once again towards strengthening its ties between its wines and their land of origin. The project known as “Vins de Vila” in Catalan, approved by the Control Board on 11th June, 2009, divides its wine production between twelve winemaking subzones or villages within the DOCa. Priorat. This new regulation allows producers to identify their wines on the label with the name of the village where their grapes are grown as well as being the same place where their wines are made.

The grape-growing subzones were decided based on geographical, environmental, climatic, viticultural, social, historical and economic aspects, where wine was closely linked to the social reality of each village within the subzones of the DOCa. Priorat and which went beyond existing administrative boundaries. 

The "Vins de Vila" (Village Wines) zones

The wine producing subzones used to identify the provenance of the grapes and the "vins de vila" are the following: Bellmunt del Priorat, Gratallops, el Lloarla Morera de Montsant, Poboleda, Porrera, Scala DeiTorroja del Priorat, la Vilella Alta, la Vilella Baixa and the grape growing zones of Masos de Falset and Solanes del Molar.

Mapa de la DOQ Priorat amb subzones i característiques geogràfiques

You can see the details of each grape growing zone on the maps (attached images):