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The Vineyards

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The tortuous geography of this area means that the vineyards have to be cultivated on slopes so steep that it is necessary, in some cases, to build terraces. Some of these terraces are so narrow that two rows of vines barely fit, and mechanical access is impossible. The landscape that these vineyards create is one of the characteristic features of the Priorat.

As a result of the particular soil and climate, the vines are weak and consequently result in rather poor harvests, with very low grape yields. These do not exceed the figure of 1 kg per plant on average, but at the same time, this gives the wines of this area a very unique personality

This is precisely the feature that in recent years has placed DOQ Priorat wines among the most valued in the world: being true to the hardness of the land, the adaptation of the different varietals to the soil and a system of production that results in outstanding viticulture, mean that the experts of the country and from around the world can identify a Priorat wine immediately on opening the bottle. The French concept of terroir, or in other words, the fidelity of a flavour and wine to its land, its land of origin, is one of the subtleties most appreciated by experts.

The harvest is usually very long. It starts in the middle of September in Bellmunt and El Lloar and lasts until the end of October or early November in Porrera and in La Morera de Montsant. The long fermentation of ripe grapes makes it possible to obtain a wide range of components of great wealth in each grain and a very complete maceration.